A few examples of the local pistes are shown on a crisp spring day, Which also illustrate just how uncrowded the slopes can be even in high season.
Hundfjället's Väggen 'The Wall' piste and top restaurant with excellent views over the valley.Hundfjallet
Tandådalen's Specialen, Blixten and Familjebacken pistes.tandadalen
The following resorts are all within a 45 minute drive, listed in order of drive time:
  • Hundfjället (Sweden)
  • Tandådalen (Sweden)
  • Stöten (Sweden)
  • Fulufjellet (Norway)
  • Hogfjället (Sweden)
  • Lindvallen (Sweden)
  • Trysil (Norway)
  • Näsfjället (Sweden)
  • Kläppen (Sweden)
Between them they offer 200,000 (people/hour)lift capacity, and apart from the main lifts we have never waited from more than 5 minutes.

Hundfjället and Tandådalen are connected by a short drag lift, the tickets are valid at both

A Sälen bus operates between all the main resorts, and is free with a valid lift pass
Stoten's main Worldcupbacken and Specialen pistes

Hundfjället's Vaggen, Worldcupbacken and Specialen pistes and restaurant hundfjallet
Idre is a little more distant taking about a 1.5 hour drive through snowy scenery Pistemap1 Pistemap2
The following resorts have web cameras:
Tandådalen Super Park (Closed for the summer)
Kläppen Valley
Trysil - Tourist Centre (Closed for the summer)
Trysil - Across the river
Idre Webcam 1
Idre Webcam 2
Kläppen Top Excellent view of summer scenery
Resort Green Runs Blue Runs Red Runs Black Runs Fun Park/Pipes Off Piste Lifts Ski School Restaurants Ski Shops
Hundfjället 6 4 8 7 1/1 Some 12 1 3 1
Tandådalen 8 11 5 7 1/1 Some 13 2 2 2
Stöten 18 2 3 4 N/A Some 16 1 1 1
Lindvallen 27 8 15 4 1/0 Yes 43 4 6 4
Trysil 20 17 17 11 2/2 Yes 32 2 16 3
Kläppen 12 6 4 8 1/0 Yes 11 1 3 1
Idre 11 13 3 11 1/1 Some 32 Y Y Y
Näsfjället 2 3 3 2 1/1 Some 2 1 1 1
Fulufjellet 2 3 3 1 0/0 Some 2 1 1 1

As a guide the lift pass, ski and board hire prices are listed below together with the cost of ski-school and private ski lessons. Children under 8 with crash helmet ski for free, the child price is valid up to age 16 and also applies to OAPs.

The ski equipment is of good quality, generally only a year old, the prices listed are for a complete package, boots, skis and poles or board. Where 2 or 3 prices are shown, several standards of equipment are available. The lowest level represents basic equipment in good condition, the next level the latest carving skis and well prepared edges and base, and is aimed at the intermediate skier. Some resorts offer a higher level with the latest advanced skis for excellent skiers, but since these skiers will generally have their own equipment not all do. Multi-hire is also available at all resorts where you can change between down-hill skis, board, blades and cross-country skis as you wish.
It is generally costs slightly more than the highest quality ski gear.

There is no longer an option to buy a ski-pass that covers all the Sälen resorts, their ski-card systems are different.

The same type of key card will now work in Trysil and the main Sälen resorts, however your swatch watch will no longer work except at Kläppen and Stöten.

Week long or longer ski passes at either Trysil or the skistar Sälen resorts (you must by the pass that covers all the resorts, not just a pair) allow you to taste the skiing at the alternative resort for one day within the week.

The prices listed for the skistar Sälen resorts of Hundfjället , Tandådalen, and Lindvallen (including Högfjället) are for a skipass that is valid across that system. A ski pass just for Lindvallen (including Högfjället) or Tandådalen/Hundfjallet is about 10-15% cheaper.

Trysil also offers a 10% discount off Lift Passes, Ski Hire and Group Lessons for the whole season if booked online by 1st November 2007. Look under Trysil Pluss on their website.
The range and choice of ski/board/telemark/cross country ski courses available at the resorts is remarkable, you can almost design your own course. See below

Trysil Ski shop is a shop and hire store off resort in Norway situated on route 26 near the Trysil resort/Sälen turn offs. It also offers a discount of 20% up to and including week 4 and from week 15 if booked 3 weeks in advance and the rest of the time 5% off for individuals or 10% off for groups (of 10) if booked 3 weeks in advance again see their website for full details this applies for a 5-8 day booking period. The ski-shop also offers good value ski-servicing.
Lift Passes, and Ski & Board Hire 07/08 Prices

(This information is only intended as a guide to allow you to estimate the cost of your ski holiday and inaccuracies may occur)

Resort 1 day pass (child) 2 day pass (child) 4 day pass (child) Week pass (child) 1 day
ski hire (board)
2 day
ski hire
4 day
ski hire (board)
ski hire (board)
Hundfjället, Tandådalen and Lindvallen
Online Prices
330 (260) 620 (480) 1220 (945) 1535
Hundfjället, Tandådalen and Lindvallen
Resort Prices
340 (270) 640 (500) 1260 (985) 1615
Trysil Ski Shop
N/A N/A N/A N/A 240/335

Ski School, Private Lessons, and Kids Activites 07/08 Prices

(This information is only intended as a guide to allow you to estimate the cost of your ski holiday and inaccuracies may occur)

Resort 5 day course (M-F) (mins/day) 4 day courses (mins/day) Other courses Private lesson
1.0/1.5/2.0 hours
Kids after ski
and creche
Hundfjället, Tandådalen or Lindvallen
Ski/Board - 840
(5 x 80 mins)
Ski - 880
(5 x 90 mins)
3 yearolds - 700
(5 x 60 mins)
Ski - 790 (M-Th)
(4 x 80 mins)
Ski - 830 (M-Th)
(4 x 90 mins)
3 yearolds - 660
(4 x 60 mins)
(3 x 80 mins) 730

Half day 1240
Whole day 2480
(2 or more add 300/person)
540/--/920 Enquire at the resort

Parents Ski Pass
only valid at one pair of resorts, 1 week - 2 people 1905

(5 x 75 mins)
3 yearolds - 750
(5 x 60 mins)

(5 x 75 mins)
3 yearolds - 650
(5 x 60 mins)

Ski Exclusive
Private guide & in depth ski analysis
Upto 4 people
6hr - 3000

Theme and Test Lessons (2 hr) Sat 300

Mon-Wed 650
(3 x 75 mins)
3 yearolds - 550
(3 x 60 mins)
50/100/150 minutes

530/875/1275 SEK
Enquire at the resort for exact details

80 per session
990 (5 x 90 mins)

Themed Courses - 495
(2 hr course)
Video (Tu),
Technique (W),
Off piste (Th),
Race Training (F).

Beginner Weekend for children
(2 x 90mins) 540

Board/Telemark Test 470(incl.kit)
X-Country Test
425(incl kit)
or 320 per session

You can also book 3, 4 or 5 day private lessons of 90 mins each with the same instructor with up to 5 people
See website for prices
990 per week
(Mon - Sun)

820 (75mins)
(Not Adults)

780 (75 mins)

Weekend (Fri/Sat)
(2 days x 75 mins)

Day course
Ski or board
370 (75 mins)
Carving, Jump etc
560/--/1120 Children's activities - week long Trollcard
250 SEK

There a two local places for skidoo enthusiast, for beginners there is a well run skidoo centre at Hundfjället. Experts may prefer the trips from near the Stöten turn off.

At Trysil you can also try dog sledding or a ride in a horse drawn sleigh.

A Skidoo ride

There plenty of facilities nearby. Hogfjället Hotel includes both a cinema (generally English with Swedish subtitles) and a swimming pool.

All the resorts have a lively after ski, starting half an hour before the slopes close (3:30pm Dec. and Jan., 4:30pm Feb. - May) and continues until 5 or 6pm. Generally there is a live band and it's standing room only. The only complaint is the bars close before the pistes on the late skiing nights (7pm alternating between centres).

Alternatively you can enjoy your own after ski with a BBQ by the river at the house.

Afterski at the river

Rörbäcksnäs is a compact community a short distance from the resorts, the church is shown above. The shop is generally a little cheaper than those close to the resorts.


We have installed a rope light to guide you down to the river for your after ski around the fire if you are visiting during in December or January when the sunsets rather early.

If it is windy then there is always the bar and games area in the house.

Ligths to the river

The sun rises late in December and January.

Walks and Waterfalls

The waterfalls are equally as spectacular in the winter as in the summer, though the walk (through knee deep snow) may be very much harder.

Winter Walks You can choose to light a small camp fire in the winter to cook a sausages while you are there.
Camp fire at the falls 1
Ligths at the River

Iced Falls

Below is a photo of the Njupeskar falls, the highest in Sweden, in their frozen glory.
A longish walk but well worth it.